Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness fanatic, let our amazing instructors and community drive you to your fitness goal.

Enjoy group fitness workouts like never before. Our wide range of exercise classes will help you get fit in a friendly and fun way in a safe and encouraging environment.

Pure Fitness Classes for Everyone

We have classes to suit all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

We have classes to help you get lean and toned, others to build strength and classes to work all your major muscle groups.

Just ring the clubs and they will book you in!

Pure Fitness Cornwall
Pure Fitness Cornwall
Boot Camp Training - Pure Fitness Cornwall
Running Club - Pure Fitness Cornwall


“Now, sixth months or so later I’m addicted. Pure Cycle is the class that challenges me the most of everything I do.”


“My 12 week journey with your help has made a huge difference to my life. Thank you Kelly so much for your tutoring, coaching and support.”


“I cannot thank Kelly enough for her professionalism, enthusiasm, support and guidance over the last 10 weeks.”


Morgan’s Pure Class Mash Up Event

We are pleased to announce we will be holding our Mash Up Day on 17th September. This is a chance for both members and non members to come along and try a selection of our classes from Zumba to Spin and everything in between. Our VIP trainers will be on hand to answer...

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Fueling up for a half marathon

With the Plymouth half marathon only a few weeks away, and numerous Morgan’s gym members running, what better topic to tackle than that of fueling up for the big race! Whilst the nutrition nerds are busy planning ahead with their carb-loading and pre-race breakfast,...

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Protein Shakes – All you need to know!

If you’re already a member of a gym, it must feel like every other person you walk past or train next to will be into their protein shakes. But with so many brands on the market it can sometimes feel a little confusing to any ‘protein shake newbie’ about where best to...

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